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I just enabled the new high precision ticks on LogarithmicNumericAxis feature.
The two screenshots show the same data once with high precision ticks disabled and once with high precision ticks enabled.

Is it possible to get the typical loagithmic scaling of the ticks like in the screenshot with high precision ticks disabled ?

Best regards

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your inquiry. They seems to be logarithmic with HighPrecisioTicks enabled, i.e. visual distance between two first ticks is same as distance between two last ticks, while the differences between corresponding values are not same.

You may change the ScientificNotation property on the axis to LogarithmicBase or LogarithmicBaseIntegerExponent to show values with exponents, this will emphasize the difference even more.

Does this answer your question? Could you please describe what is the expected behavior for you?

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