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I use SciChart in a datagrid as a Sparkline.
Using a NumericAxis the first and last column is displayed in half.
By replacing the X axis by CategoryNumericAxis chart doesnt works.

<s:SciChartSurface Height="200" Width="300" RenderPriority="Low" MaxFrameRate="24" Background="Black">
    <s:FastColumnRenderableSeries DataSeries="{Binding Volume}" DataPointWidth="0.75" Fill="Red" Stroke="Black"/>
    <s:CategoryNumericAxis AutoRange="Always" DrawMinorGridLines="False" Visibility="Hidden" DrawMajorGridLines="False" DrawMajorBands="False" />
    <s:NumericAxis AutoRange="Always" DrawMinorGridLines="False" DrawMinorTicks="False" DrawMajorGridLines="False" DrawMajorBands="False" DrawMajorTicks="False" >
        <s:DoubleRange Min="0" />

and code

public XyDataSeries<int, float> Volume { get; set; } = new XyDataSeries<int, float>();

   Volume.Append(0, 500);
   Volume.Append(1, 100);
   Volume.Append(2, 1000);
   Volume.Append(3, 700);
   Volume.Append(4, 600);
   Volume.Append(5, 300);
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Recently someone reported the bug that CategoryNumericAxis throws when DataSeries TX is int.

The good news is, we have fixed that and published it to our Nuget feed.

If you update to the latest version (v4.2.0) of SciChart, it will work. Or, if you cannot update, as a workaround you can set TX=double and it will also work.

Best regards,

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