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How can I print a scaled chart. For Example my chart has a range from 0 to 10 and 1 step shall be 1 centimeter on the printed paper.

0…10 in chart is from 0 to 10 centimeter?

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Hi Daniel,

At present the only way to draw a scaled chart is to

a.) Create a UserControl containing a chart of the desired size (larger size) and print it or export to bitmap

b.) Create a SciChartSurface off-screen (without showing) of the desired size (larger size) and print it or export to bitmap

You can also use WPF’s built in export to XPS but at the moment, SciChart still outputs a bitmap as the central area of the chart (this is something we are working on to output to vector).

Sorry I couldn’t be more help at this time,

Best regards,

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After 5 years past of this question, is there any new solution to printing with specified cm/inch scaling?

Thanks in advance.

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