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what would be the best way to achieve smth. like seen in the attachment.

A horizontal bar which gets drawn together (snychronized!) with a corresponding LineSeries.
The bar has to be visible the entire time (especially when panning the “real” series), yet it needs to be zoomable in the X-direction (not separately though -> it needs to follow the series).
It also has to show different colours on certain sections.

Regarding the zooming/panning issue, I think that can be solved by using a second SciChartSurface and linking the two Charts together (like the demo in the examplebrowser).

But what should I use to draw the Bar? Which possibility is the best performance-wise?

  • Using Box Annotations with different colours and adjusting the size manually
  • A horizontal StackedColumnSeries with as many series as I have sections (every series then has a different colour). Each series contains only one value (the value then needs to be adjusted manually so that the bar appears to grow).
  • A possibility I have not yet tought about

Every advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


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Q: “A possibility I have not yet thought about”

What about a custom renderable series?

// Creating your Own Series

If the built-in chart types in SciChart are not enough, you can create your own RenderableSeries by using the CustomRenderableSeries API! CustomRenderableSeries inherits BaseRenderableSeries. It simply has one method which you must override – Draw().

  • dowe
    Alright, thanks for the hint. I’ll look into it.
  • gareth mitchell
    No worries. i think both your other suggestions make sense, but for ultimate customizability you can’t go wrong with CustomRenderableSeries!
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