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Hello there,

I’m currently working for a customer that is interested in buying SciChart WPF.

But first we have a question regarding the real time charts. It’s not a question that I can state easily but I will give it a try.

So the question goes like this:

Is it possible to have a static curve onto the same chart where the real time data points will be plotted n real time?

For e.g. the customer wants to load a theoretical reference curve on the chart before feeding real time data on the chart so that a real time comparison can be done and based on this comparison some hardware tools that generate the real time data will be stopped or let continue depending on how big the divergence gets between that reference curve and what comes in real time from the hardware tools running in background.


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Hi Ionut,

Thanks for your question.
Yes, sure, you can place two or more RenderableSeries on one SciChartSurface.

You can add additional XAxis and assign new RenderableSeries to it using AxisId.
Please take a look at our Multiple XAxis example:

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Hi Oleksandr,

I think the XAxis and YAxis should be common for the reference curve and for the real time data. Or maybe I don’t understand what you were referring too here?

Another question is in regard to how SciChart renders the real time curves. It seems the new points are always on the very right of the char surface and the char surface is always scrolling to left.

Is it possible that the chart surface be locked in a way such that it does not scroll automatically and the view is always in 0 and MAX XAxis range where MAX is given by MAX XAxis of reference curve?

I’ve tried to attached a gif file so you can see visually what the customer wants in the end but it says Forbidden.
I hope you understand what I’m asking.


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Ionut, I think what Oleksandr means is — if you want the series to scale independently you will need separate axis. However if you want them to scale with the main chart series, they an be on the same X,Y axis. In SciChart there are no restrictions whatsoever to the number of series on the chart, the scaling of the series, or the types of series you can mix. Hope this helps. Best regards, Andrew
  • Ionut Holhos
    Hello Andrew, what about the second part of my post? Regarding not scrolling but locking in place the chart surface in case where I have a static reference curve on chart and then when I press like a Start button another real time curve will be drawn on same chart starting from 0 on x to MAX x? From what I see in demo of real time charts there’s always scrolling to the left but what I want is for the x axis not to move but 0 and MAX x to always be in view while the real time curve is drawn. Is this possible already? Or should I make a feature request eventually? Could such a feature be implemented ?
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