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Replacement for XPS Format in WPF

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The SciChart.Core.ExportType.Xps value was deprecated in a recent SciChart release. Are there plans to change this to another vector format? Or will this feature no longer be available?


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Good morning Matt

We discussed this at today’s standup (25/01/2024) and this was the outcome

We already have a task / feature request reported to support SVG output. This has been requested a few times and we completed feasibility last year.

It’s challenging, but we have a potential solution

  • If we create a plugin for SciChart which can serialise to SVG
  • And we refactor the main chart area to fully use our rendering plugin (some items like text are still rendered with WPF TextBlock or borders with WPF Borders)
  • Then we can serialise or export a WPF chart to SVG

Pros & cons of this approach

  1. It would only work for 2D charts (not 3D)
  2. 3D charts could be exported to SVG as well but it would involve rendering to image then embedding the image in SVG (not ideal)
  3. It would mean custom styling, templating of label text or other chart parts would not export to SVG, so losing the ability to custom style a chart or change it’s control template

Given the pros & cons it may end up causing more headaches to users than they would accept.

Anyway, we have noted the feature request of SVG export and we are actively thinking of solutions of how to do this, or otherwise provide a service which can render charts to SVG / vectors.

Best regards

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