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With the introduction off dotnet core we started converting our projects into docker container on linux for better management.
One off the tasks still to do is convert a job that sends charts screenshots by email, generated by scicharts WPF currently.

Now my question, is it possible to run scicharts on a linux docker container using dotnet core?
The idea is to generate the graph in memory take a screenshot and save and send that screenshot through an email.

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Hi Kevin

I was certain I answered this (perhaps you’ve asked in a support ticket which we have replied to). If not, I apologise!

Quick answer. While .NET Core will run on Linux, WPF won’t. This is an extension provided by Microsoft to .NETCore 3+ which works on Windows only.

SciChart WPF can run inside a Windows service or Azure function to generate screenshot images. We have done this ourselves for a project. Also, SciChart.js can be used to generate images server-side in node.js

Would you like to discuss your requirements further with our sales team? We have a lot of expertise in SciChart for this type of problem and if you need a custom solution or our expert help on how to implement such a thing, we can help.

Best regards,

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