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Selecting points within a drawn polygon

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Hi there,

I am currently evaluating SciChart for use within a new piece of software we are developing. One important feature that we need to provide is to be able to draw a polygon and determine which points are contained within it. Then the colour, visibility, etc of these points can be changed. I can see from your documentation that this could be achieved by creating a custom chart modifier to draw lines that make up the shape and then implement my own algorithm to determine which points are contained within it. Before I embark on this route, could you tell me if I have missed any implementation that already exists? Will the drawn polygon zoom and pan with the graph, therefore enclosing the same points?

Kind Regards,


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Best Answer

Update, SciChart v4, Feb 2016

We now natively support Data-Point Selection in sciChart WPF v4:

SciChart PointMarker Selection Example

enter image description here

Please see the DataPointSelectionModifier example for more details.

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Hi Kathryn,

We’ve extended our Custom ChartModifiers sample to include data-point selection via mouse drag. This is fresh off the press and we are still proof reading it, but if you take a look at the article ChartModifiers Part 5 – Select Data Points via Mouse Drag you will find a how-to guide.

SciChart Select DataPoints via mouse

Best regards,

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Many thanks for answering my question so quickly and comprehensively!

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    It was asked many many times, and we finally had the time to create an example (or finally cracked due to weight of number of requests). Glad it helped! Andrew
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