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I have attempted to change the text format on the cursors that show the Y-Intercept on my vertical line annotations. WIthin by ModifierGroup, I added the following:

<s:CursorModifier ContentStringFormat="0.000"/>

I suspect that since the Y intercept is a double or float, it is causing the ContentStringFormat functionality not fire (can’t deal with a non-string). Is there a way to set the format of these cursors to a 0.000 format? Right now they are showing as 0.00.

Thank you

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Hi Ryan,

Have a look at the SciChart WPF documentation on TextFormatting. We present a couple of ways you can do this.

  1. Using AxisBase.CursorTextFormatting (simple string format)
  2. Using AxisBase.LabelProvider which allows for complex string formatting
  3. By templating the CursorModifier AxisLabels.

Please let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

  • Ryan Woods
    This applies to the axis, right? I am looking to format the cursor on the verticalLineAnnotation intersection with the Renderable Series. Within Scichart, does the term axis have a more relaxed meaning than X-axis and Y-axis?
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