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I have issues when I want to apply a FastBandRenderableSeries AntiAliasing?

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When I created the FastBandRenderableSeries type, I encountered an aliasing problem. When I used AntiAliasing, it still didn’t work.
There is an example of used code:

List<double> xData = GetData("D:\\x.txt");
List<double> yData = GetData("D:\\y.txt");
List<double> y1Data = GetData("D:\\y1.txt");
XyyDataSeries<double, double> splineBanDataSeries = new XyyDataSeries<double, double>();
splineBanDataSeries.Append(xData, yData, y1Data);
var bandSeries = new FastBandRenderableSeries()
DataSeries = splineBanDataSeries,
//Name = id,
StrokeThickness = 1,
Fill = Colors.Transparent,
FillY1 = Colors.Transparent,
StrokeY1 = Colors.LightGray,
AntiAliasing = true,
StrokeDashArrayY1 = new double[] { 5, 1 }

Is there any way to correct this error?
Thank you.

  • li xiaohang
    No, SplineLineRenderableSeries does not support creating a closed area. The ideal result is that two lines are drawn into a closed area. I checked the documentation and only FastBandRenderableSeries can do it. Have you run the example? The closed area shown in the example is what I want. It is needed, but there will be a lot of aliasing in the example.I need to set the line that fills the area, Please tell me how to modify it.
  • li xiaohang
    The second picture is the correct result we want. The first picture is wrong. Please run our example and tell us how to modify it.
  • Lex
    Hi Li, Thank you for the clarification. Let’s continue our discussion in the priority support ticket you have also created. We’ll post the update here as soon as we have a working solution. With best regards, Lex S., MSEE, SciChart Technical Support Engineer
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Hi Li,

Thanks for your inquiry.
I have noticed the RenderableSeries you refer to doesn’t look like our FastBandRenderableSeries:

​We can recommend taking a look at our custom SplineLineRenderableSeries instead featured in the following example:

Is this what you are looking for?

With best regards,

Lex S., MSEE
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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