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Unable to set background color of TextAnnotation (WPF)

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Hi All!

I have a syncfusion theme (MaterialDark) applied to my WPF app.

Without the theme applied, I can set the background color of a TextAnnotaion in the normal way in bothe XAML and c#, no problem.

When I apply the theme, it overrides this setting and renders the TextAnnotation with a black background and no matter what I try, I

can’t seem to get rid of it.

I have tried:

  1. setting up a Resource dictionary in XAML

  2. setting the style to null and then applying inline style (in both code behind and XAML)

Nothing seems to work!

Has anyone encountered this issue beforew or know of any solutions?

It’s driving me mad!

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Hi Scott

It’s probably a conflict in a Xaml resource dictionary. However we can’t say what without seeing the code.

Could you post a code sample our engineers can investigate?

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for coming back to me – not sure how much of the code you need to see, but this is my XAML:



this works perfectly without the theme applied.

When I apply the syncfusion theme in my MainWindow.xaml, thus:


the Foreground property still works (I can change it to whatever colour I like) but the background element renders black and whatever I do, I can’t change it.

If you need to see more of the code, let me know.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Scott, from the code provided we don’t have enough info to reproduce this problem. Perhaps you can create a small project which reproduces the issue and upload it to github? Best regards, Andrew
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Hi, I posted a reply (twice) hours ago but it doesn’t seem to have appeared?

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