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I know there was a bit of mention in the 2021 end of year announcement about porting code over to C++ which would enable there to be future builds of SciChart for WinUI or other platforms… I’m just curious if there is any timeline / estimated timeframe that scichart would have WinUI 3 charts?

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Upvoted! We’d really love to see a WinUI version of SciChart as well.
It’s the only thing holding us back from migrating from WPF to WinUI in our applications.

On top of that, having WinUI 3 support would allow us to use .NET MAUI for our cross platform apps and use it to deploy to Android, iOS and Windows (with WinUI3) at the same time.

I really do hope that SciChart will be ported to WinUI in the near future.

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Hi all

We encourage viewers of our site to upvote this forum post if they want to see WinUI.

For us, the cost to port scichart to another platform and maintain it means we should first assess commercial viability of new platforms.

This info helps steer our roadmap. If there’s enough commercial demand we could start investigating this.

Update 2023

People sometimes enquire about WinUI but we don’t have enough commercial interest yet. Also, judging by popularity of packages on NugetTrends WinUI really doesn’t look like it has adoption. Compared to WPF which has million of users & downloads of popular OSS libraries, WinUI has only a fraction of the downloads. We’re monitoring this situation for changes and pursuing future platforms as their popularity becomes evident.

Best regards

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As Michael mentions – it is also the only thing holding us back from migrating from WPF to WinUI in our applications.

How do you expect us to be part of a widespread adoption of WinUI – when we are not able to migrate?

We cannot not start – before having a viable path forward.

At some in the future we will migrate to WinUI – and as much as we hope that SciChart will be an option for charting – not having SciChart onboard will not stop us from migrating.

Vendors like Telerik, Syncfusion and others already have WinUI chart components.

I think that you as a third-party developer have both an obligation and a commercial interest in spearheading some of these new technologies and to make it possible for your customers to move on.

I have always seen SciChart as being ahead of the game and not lagging behind the competition – please reconsider you stand on this issue.



  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Flemming, I’m going to send you an email with some further info. The issue for us is simply commercial viability, if we get enough commercial interest in the form of signed pre-orders or commitment to buy then we can divert resources to supporting this platform. Anything is possible in that sense! Happy to discuss this with you on a call as you are a long time & valued customer of SciChart.
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+1 to this, we’re looking at new development with WinUI3, but we need a good charting library first. We’ve been using the WPF charts for some time now, and support for WinUI3 would be amazing.

Its a bit of a chicken and egg problem.

  • We can’t adopt WinUI3 till we have an advanced charting solution, like SciChart
  • SciChart wont support WinUI3 till there’s more adoption.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Adam, noted, the issue for us is considerable investment required to develop for & support a platform. However in 2024 we are expanding our reach a bit. Pretty soon will come an Avalonia XPF version of SciChart (see and from that, part of the R&D is to further consolidate our codebases. Maybe (it’s an outside chance), WinUI can become viable. I’m still concerned about a declining userbase and MS abandoning it though!
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