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I know there was a bit of mention in the 2021 end of year announcement about porting code over to C++ which would enable there to be future builds of SciChart for WinUI or other platforms… I’m just curious if there is any timeline / estimated timeframe that scichart would have WinUI 3 charts?

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Upvoted! We’d really love to see a WinUI version of SciChart as well.
It’s the only thing holding us back from migrating from WPF to WinUI in our applications.

On top of that, having WinUI 3 support would allow us to use .NET MAUI for our cross platform apps and use it to deploy to Android, iOS and Windows (with WinUI3) at the same time.

I really do hope that SciChart will be ported to WinUI in the near future.

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Hi guys

Are you aware of our feature requests system? Big green button on the middle / right of the website.

In here we collect feedback from users and votes for new features and platforms. There is already a MAUI request and an Avalonia request as well as many others.

For us, the cost to port scichart to another platform and maintain it means we should first assess commercial viability of new platforms.

Would you
– vote on and comment on Maui feature requests
– Tell us your project value (of Maui was available, would you become a customer of scichart and to what level)
– Tell us what features you’d need from a new platform first (eg which chart types, which axis types, which other features)

This info helps steer our roadmap. If there’s enough commercial demand we could start investigating this soon.

Best regards

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