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WPF Crashing on DeselectAllPointMarkers

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Hi, i’m developing an app in WPF and i found that it crashes when i’m dereferencing the user control where my chart lives in and have 1 or more points selected by code in one chart when the other one is not visible.

i would be very apreciated if someone could tell me a hint of where i have to look for the solution or what do this methods do or touch.

more data about the chart:

  • I have 2 fastlinerenderable series each with 2 Yaxis for itselves and 2 shared XAxis.
  • I also have a modified listbox which is have it’s sincronization synced to the chart.
  • have a modifiergroup to pan,zoom and select.

this is my Selectionmodifier:

                        XAxisId="{Binding XAxisType, NotifyOnTargetUpdated=True}"
                        IsEnabled="{Binding SelectionMode}" >

I think that this is the axis that breaks my program but it needs it to not crash when i select.

this is my stacktrace:

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.NullReferenceException’ occurred in SciChart.Charting.dll

en SciChart.Charting.ChartModifiers.DataPointSelectionModifier.DeselectAllPointMarkers()
en SciChart.Charting.ChartModifiers.DataPointSelectionModifier.OnXAxisIdDependencyPropertyChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)

I tried to make a program that could replicate the error but i couldn’t.

thanks in advance.

SciChart v5.4.0.12119
  • Oleksandr Shvets
    Hi Aleix, Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please provide us with a small sample project reproducing this issue for investigation? Thanks in advance.
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I second what Oleksandr said

If you can’t reproduce it then we won’t be able to either. Try to isolate features in SciChart until the problem goes away, or create a stand alone app (or use one of our examples) and add features until the problem occurs. Then share the result, we will be glad to help!

Best regards

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