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Y-Axes automatic scale but with limit

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Hello, with a linechart we want the Y-Axes scale automatically as they do by default, but they should not scale beyond an upper and lower limit. The reason is that our data sometimes have significant spikes pushing the axes scales up to astronimic values. As a result the rest of the curves are squeezed within a line of 1 pixel hight or so.
Is there any recommended way to do this? Thank you

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There are several posts on forums dedicated to this topic, please, take a look at Zoom including annotations post which demonstrates how to implement this behavior using the ViewportManager and Zoom without YVisibleRange changing demonstrating how to extend ZoomExtents modifier.

Update June 2014
From SciChart 3.0 you can use VisibleRangeLimit API to prevent zooming beyond some specified range. For more information please take a look on our tutorial about VisibleRangeLimit API

Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you need more assistance with this!

Best regards,

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