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set visibleRangeChangeListener

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I have a fifo scrolling chart
When I set the axis visibleRangeListener, the chart performance goes down and it gets an exception.
what is the solution?

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Hi Abolfazl Ghanbari,

I tried to set VisibleRangeChangeListener in our FIFO example and everything worked as expected without exceptions. I added next code into end of initExample():

     xAxis.setVisibleRangeChangeListener(new VisibleRangeChangeListener() {
        public void onVisibleRangeChanged(IAxisCore axis, IRange oldRange, IRange newRange, boolean isAnimating) {
            Log.d("onVisibleRangeChanged: ", newRange.toString());

So it isn’t caused by settign VisibleRangeChangeListener itself. Probably it could be caused by code which you have inside listener. Unfortunately you didn’t provide any additional information about this so I can only suggest to recheck code of the listener.

Best regards,

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