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I have a fifo scrolling chart
When I set the axis visibleRangeListener, the chart performance goes down and it gets an exception.
what is the solution?

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Hello Sci Chart support!

I am attempting to apply a low pass filter to a FIFO chart. I have implemented the FilterAll() function successfully but I was wondering if there are examples on how to override the FilterOnAppend() function or how to make FilterAll() work for a FIFO chart.

Currently, when calling the FilterAll() method the program throws an invalid operation exception:

System.InvalidOperationException: ‘Data has been Appended to a DataSeries which is unsorted in the X-Direction. Unsorted data can have severe performance implications in SciChart.
For maximum performance, please double-check that you are only inserting sorted data to SciChart. Alternatively, to disable this warning and allow unsorted data, please set DataSeries.AcceptsUnsortedData = true. For more info see Performance Tips and Tricks at

I do not want to allow unsorted data because I know it is not a good practice and even if allowing unsorted data, the chart stops updating after a few seconds.

It may be worth knowing that I am sampling data from a National Instruments’ data acquisition board. Sci Chart is helping me display this data, but I would like to display the filtered data as it is being queued.

If you could help me with this matter I would appreciate it!

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