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text annotation not showing

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I am trying to add text annotation on the chart but it doesn’t show. I’m wondering what went wrong with my code.

TextAnnotation textAnnotation = sciChartBuilder.newTextAnnotation()
                .withFontStyle(20, Color.WHITE)
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Hi Gang Xu,

Is it possible that your X1 or Y1 coordinates are outside of VisibleRange for X or Y axis? If annotation is placed outside chart’s viewport bounds, then it won’t be visible. Also I would suggest to check logcat output if there are any errors there.

Best regards,

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Thanks Yura.

I just figured out the reason for annotation not showing up, which is because the AxisID. I defined XAxisID for the chart and the annotation works if I add withXAxisID(“ecgX”) in the code.

Except this, may I ask if there’s an efficient way to add hundreds of annotations at a time?

And is there a way to make an annotation selectable but not movable or resizable?

Also I noticed the annotations were off the position where they were supposed to be when I dragging the chart. Is that how it works?


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