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Chart background always black

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Hi guys,

I am having difficulties setting the background of my bar chart with SCICategoryDateTime X axis since I switched to 2.0.

As far as I understand, just setting the background property of the SCIChartSurface should suffice.
These are all of the things I’ve tried:

1. [self.barSurface setBackgroundColor:[UIColor clearColor]];
2. [self.barSurfaceView setBackgroundColor:[UIColor clearColor]]; 
3. self.barSurface.renderableSeriesAreaFill = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor clearColor]];
4. [self.barSurface.renderSurface setIsTransparent:YES];

I didn’t find any other way of setting it, but it still remains black. Any thought on what might cause it?

EDIT: I just found out about this color setting:

[axisStyle setGridBandBrush:[[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor whiteColor]]];

The result I got was a black and white chess board, as shown on the attached picture. I really don’t understand this behaviour. If I set this gridBandBrush to nil, columns are coloured with random colours, so the chart looks like a rainbow. I understand why is this happening but shouldn’t there be a default colour in case brush is nil?

EDIT 2: While debugging using “Capture view hierarchy” in XCode I discovered that render surface is actually white inside debugger. Perhaps it will give more insight to you, it doesn’t mean much to me – I guess it’s because rendering is done on GPU and the context is not available to the debugger.


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It turns out that SCIChartSurface themeProvider does not default to nil. The background problem was fixed once I explicitly requested not to use theme provider:

[self.barSurface applyThemeProvider:nil];
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Hi, Igor

If you just want to set background color of the chart. Then you can try this lines of code:

 SCIThemeColorProvider *themeProvider = [SCIThemeColorProvider new];  // ChartSurface Theme

themeProvider.backgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.chartBackground];         // view's background
themeProvider.seriesBackgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.chartBackground];   // chart view's background

But keep in the mind that using it will redefined other colors setups

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

  • Igor Peric
    Hi Andrei, thanks for the reply. It did set the background colour to white indeed but, as you suggested, it messed up all o f the other colours. I am confused now – SCIThemeColorProvider can be applied to: 1. SCIChartSurface 2. SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries 3. SCIHorizontallyStackedColumnsCollection My question is: what is the proper way of setting up the final colour of the individual elements in chart? What is the precedence in final property resolution if I set theme providers for each of those 3 above? And are the original values applied to .style properties ignored in case I set the theme? According to the example from Git repo, the only sufficient place to set it is SCIChartSurface. Thanks, Igor
  • Andrei Sushynski
    Hi Igor. I’m using SCIThemeColorProvider and apply it to SCIChartSurface in one place. Inside SCIThemeColorProvider model i’m setup colors for all kind of objects. Such as axis, chart surface, renderable series and it’s works like a charm
  • Igor Peric
    Hmm… Even with two SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries added to SCIHorizontallyStackedColumnsCollection, which is added to SCIChartSurface? I am getting very weird behaviour, which I will demonstrate in detail with screenshots and code if you confirm to me that SCIHorizontallyStackedColumnsCollection handles theme colours nicely in your case.
  • Andrei Sushynski
    yep it’s seems that we can’t use SCIThemeColorProvider for set up stacked series’s colors. My fall, sorry. Seems that we shouldn’t use SCIThemeColorProvider at all yet.
  • Igor Peric
    Thanks for confirming. So, there is currently no way to set background colour for stacked column series in 2.0?
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Hi, Igor

it’s works for me

First i’m calling

[self applyChartSettings]; – common setting for chart surface. Also i’m using SCIThemeColorProvider inside this method

[self addVolumeSerie] :

- (void)addVolumeSerie

SCIVerticallyStackedColumnsCollection *stackedGroup = [SCIVerticallyStackedColumnsCollection new];
stackedGroup.xAxisId = kBaseChartAxisX;
stackedGroup.yAxisId = kBaseChartAxisVolumeY;

SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries *renderableSeriesAsk = [SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries new];
renderableSeriesAsk.fillBrushStyle = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor orangeColor]];
renderableSeriesAsk.strokeStyle = nil; = 0.4;
renderableSeriesAsk.dataSeries = self.dataManager.dataSeries[kChartDataSerieVolumeTickAsk];
renderableSeriesAsk.xAxisId = kBaseChartAxisX;
renderableSeriesAsk.yAxisId = kBaseChartAxisVolumeY;

[stackedGroup add:renderableSeriesAsk];

SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries *renderableSeriesBid = [SCIStackedColumnRenderableSeries new];
renderableSeriesBid.fillBrushStyle = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor brownColor]];
renderableSeriesBid.strokeStyle = nil; = 0.4;
renderableSeriesBid.dataSeries = self.dataManager.dataSeries[kChartDataSerieVolumeTickBid];
renderableSeriesBid.xAxisId = kBaseChartAxisX;
renderableSeriesBid.yAxisId = kBaseChartAxisVolumeY;

[stackedGroup add:renderableSeriesBid];

SCIHorizontallyStackedColumnsCollection *horizontalStacked = [[SCIHorizontallyStackedColumnsCollection alloc] init];
[horizontalStacked add:stackedGroup];
horizontalStacked.xAxisId = kBaseChartAxisX;
horizontalStacked.yAxisId = kBaseChartAxisVolumeY;

[self.chartSurface.renderableSeries add:horizontalStacked];


  • Igor Peric
    That’s the same thing I do. Can I see the code for [self applyChartSettings]?
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- (void)applyChartSettings

ChartColorSchemeModel *colorScheme = [self.dataManager colorSchemeModel];

SCIThemeColorProvider *themeProvider = [SCIThemeColorProvider new];

// ChartSurface Theme

themeProvider.backgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.chartBackground];         // view's background
themeProvider.seriesBackgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.chartBackground];   // chart view's background

//RenderableSeries Theme

switch (self.dataManager.chartSetting.chartType) {

    case ChartTypeCandlestick: {

        themeProvider.candleUpBodyBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBodyUp];                      // candle body up
        themeProvider.candleDownBodyBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBodyDown];                  // candle body down

        themeProvider.candleUpWickPen = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBorderUp withThickness:1.0f];     // candle border/wick up
        themeProvider.candleDownWickPen = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBorderDown withThickness:1.0f]; // candle border/wick down

    case ChartTypeBar: {

        themeProvider.ohlcUpWickPenStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBorderUp withThickness:2.0f];
        themeProvider.ohlcDownWickPenStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.candleBorderDown withThickness:2.0f];

    case ChartTypeLine:
        themeProvider.mountainStrokeStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.lineUp withThickness:2.0f];

themeProvider.columnBorderPenStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor orangeColor] withThickness:1.f];

themeProvider.columnFillBrushStyle = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor redColor]];

// Axis

[self updateAxisExtents];

themeProvider.axisMajorGridLineBrush = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.lineGrid withThickness:1.0f];
themeProvider.axisMinorGridLineBrush = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:colorScheme.lineGrid withThickness:1.0f];

SCITextFormattingStyle *axisTitleFormatter = [SCITextFormattingStyle new];
[axisTitleFormatter setFontSize:10.0f];
[axisTitleFormatter setColor:colorScheme.labelTextAxisX];

themeProvider.axisTitleLabelStyle = axisTitleFormatter;
themeProvider.axisTickLabelStyle = axisTitleFormatter;

[self.chartSurface applyThemeProvider:themeProvider];


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Thanks for the code, Andrei. Let me give you an example where themes fail to work for me: I’ve got a line and bar series on a single char:t:

self.renderableSeries = [SCIFastColumnRenderableSeries new];
[self.renderableSeries setXAxisId:@"xAxis"];
[self.renderableSeries setYAxisId:@"yAxis"]; = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColorCode:0x8F81abd1]; = nil; = .4;
[self.renderableSeries setDataSeries:self.dataSeries];

self.renderableSeriesCumulative = [SCIFastLineRenderableSeries new];
[self.renderableSeriesCumulative setXAxisId:@"xAxis"];
[self.renderableSeriesCumulative setYAxisId:@"yAxis"]; = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColorCode:0xFF81abd1 withThickness:1.0];
[self.renderableSeriesCumulative setDataSeries:self.dataSeriesCumulative];

[self.barSurface.renderableSeries add:_renderableSeries];
[self.barSurface.renderableSeries add:_renderableSeriesCumulative];

SCICursorModifier *cursor = [SCICursorModifier new];
cursor.modifierName = @"Cursor";
NSNumberFormatter *formatter = [NSNumberFormatter new];
formatter.maximumFractionDigits = 0; = formatter;
// tooltip = CGSizeMake(NAN, NAN); = SCITooltipColorMode_Default; = [UIColor redColor]; = 0.8;
SCITextFormattingStyle *format = [SCITextFormattingStyle new];
format.fontSize = 18;
format.color = [UIColor whiteColor]; = format; = [UIColor whiteColor]; = 1.0;
// cursor = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor redColor] withThickness:1.0]; = [UIColor redColor]; = format; = [UIColor redColor]; = format;
[self.barSurface.chartModifiers add:cursor];

I am setting up the theme this way:

SCIThemeColorProvider *themeProviderSurface = [SCIThemeColorProvider new];  // ChartSurface Theme
themeProviderSurface.backgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor whiteColor]];         // view's background
themeProviderSurface.seriesBackgroundBrush = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor whiteColor]];   // chart view's background

themeProviderSurface.columnFillBrushStyle = [[SCISolidBrushStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor blueColor]];
themeProviderSurface.columnBorderPenStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor blackColor] withThickness:1.0];

themeProviderSurface.linePenStyle = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor blueColor] withThickness:1.0];

themeProviderSurface.axisMajorGridLineBrush = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor blueColor] withThickness:1.0];
themeProviderSurface.axisMinorGridLineBrush = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:[UIColor blueColor] withThickness:1.0];

themeProviderSurface.modifierCursorStyle =;
themeProviderSurface.modifierTooltipStyle =;    

[self.barSurface applyThemeProvider:themeProviderSurface];

Result I’m getting is attached in the image. Couple of things happen:
1. Line series has no colour (it’s not visible). I know it’s there because tooltip shows it’s data value.
2. Neither minor nor major grid lines are visible.
3. Axes (and ticks) are not visible
4. Cursor labels have decimal digits, even though NSNUmberFormatter specifies that there should be zero decimals. (another screenshot attached) If I don’t apply the theme cursor label shows up properly, with no decimals.

Am I right assuming that just by setting themeProviderSurface.linePenStyle should make the line series visible?

Is setting themeProviderSurface.linePenStyle going to override

  • Igor Peric
    Update: Line series became visible when setting themeProviderSurface.impulseLinePenStyle instead of themeProviderSurface.linePenStyle and axis and ticks became visible after setting themeProviderSurface.strokeStyle. I am still unable to solve the rest of the issues mentioned.
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Hi Andrei

Our team has created an example showing how to style various elements of the iOS SCIChartSurface:

iOS Chart Custom Styling Example

enter image description here

This shows how to style chart background, viewport background as well as elements such as gridlines, axis fonts etc…

Does it answer your questions? Is there anything else you would like to see added to this example?

Best regards,

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