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  1. Is it possible to display the peak value instead of X and Y values at touch point using a modifier ? If so, how can I achieve this ? (Both Rollover and Cursor modifier only shows the X and Y values)

  2. In real time chart, since the values are updating continuously, the cursor modifier is constantly disappearing and appearing and is not stationary. How can I keep the cursor modifier always visible ?

SciChart_iOS_v1.2.3.982_SDK 2
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Good day

Cursor modifier is designed for displaying data values at touch location. You will need to subclass SCICursorModifier or implement custom modifier. Do you need cursor modifier that is placed at peak location, or just display peak data somewhere?
Please provide more information on behaviour so I can provide some help how to do it.

Best regards
SciChart iOS Developer

  • Chui
    Hi Andrii! Cursor modifier that is placed at peak location of a line chart showing the peak value is what I am looking for. Regards, Chui
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