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Is it possible to reuse created scichart and wasmcontext?


Currently, I am creating a line chart and appending a lot of fetched data to the data series. The problem is that I have to recreate the chart when I move to another page that is using the same chart from the previous page. Therefore, I have to fetch the data and append it to the chart data series again.

Is there any way to reuse the chart itself without recreating the whole chart on another page?

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If in your case by “move to another page” you mean navigation within SPA routing (without page reload), then yes.
You just need to keep your chart component always mounted (do not detach the chart root element) and reuse the chart by storing a reference to the surface.

Also, there is an option of storing the whole or partial chart state as a JSON object.
Here is the documentation page related to the Serialization/Deserialization

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