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Localizing or changing the words of a Tooltip for a FastCandlestickRenderableSeries in SciChart.js

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the Tooltip from the rolloverModifier shows for the Open-Values the Label “Open”.

I would like to be able to change that. There might be serveral reasons for that. Maybe the shown data are not “openValues” or the word “open” needs to be translated into another language.

I managed to edit the title of a FastCandlestickRenderableSeries by setting a title and get it into the variable like this:

rolloverTitle = newtitle;
renderableSeries0.rolloverModifierProps.tooltipTitle = rolloverTitle;

unfortunately i did not find a way to set the name/label for the open-,low-,close-, or high-values of this Series.

Can someone give ma a hint how to do this?

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You can add a custom tooltip as described in the “Customizing the Tooltip Content” section of Rollover Documentation,
and apply localization logic there.
Here is an example Using Rollover Modifier Tooltips

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