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Recent Change in CSS?

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As part of a recent flag added to 3.2.509, I moved from 3.2 to 3.2.509; it looks like positioning of the scichart legend has changed. The style is now appearing as position: absolute — I don’t have access to source, but I wonder if this was part of 3.2.491, which mentioned something about positioning of the legend?

Anyway, if this was an intended change — and if it’s not something I managed to do to myself — it broke my implementation of an outside-of-plot legend. This is how the style is currently appearing:

<div class="scichart__legend" style="height: 100%; position: absolute; display: flex; left: 0; top: 0; text-align: center;">

This is how it appeared my currently deployed code:

<div class="scichart__legend" style="height: 100%; display: flex; float: left; text-align: center;">

Anyway, should be able to figure something out I hope — I’m no CSS wizard — but wanted to flag it as a possible breaking change that might not have been intended.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Well we now have a changelog! Version 3.2.491 on 18 October 2023 says “Legend appeared offset when using vertically stacked subcharts”. If you can create a Codepen reproducing the issue (as you have a custom setup of legend), then we can test it with v 3.2.481 and v3.2.491 and ensure this issue gets fixed. Thank you,
  • Dan Santimore
    Thanks yes I was using that log to find the likely source; it’s a nice feature. I’ll consider attempting to repro it for you; a simple approach would be checking to see if there’s a position:absolute on the legend DOM in source; that’s a pretty bad idea as I understand these things. For now I’ve worked around it with this craziness: .scichart__legend[style] { position: unset !important; left: unset !important; top: unset !important; }
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We had to add the position: absolute to handle a different case, but we have made it so this will not appear if the legend is set to an external div.

This fix should be published early next week. I will update you when that happens.


  • David Burleigh
    This fix has now been released in v3.2.516
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