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Scichart only running in slow motion

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We created a medical simulation similar to your demo:

We choose scichart (JS) as the app has to be high performant. In development (I’m working on a mac machine) everything is working great. Now in production I’m surprised, that most computers in our hospital can’t handle scichart, as it is running extremely slow (really slow motion).
I checked also your demo app, which also runs only in slow motion. So it seems not to be an application problem, but a scichart problem. On my development machines there is no problem with the demo.

The slow motion problem occurs on our iPads and on multiple windows machines (VM) with e.g. intel i5 processor.

Is there anything I can do to get scichart JS apps running?

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Yes, absolutely

The first place to start is our Performance Tips & Tricks article, which has a lot of suggestions on how to get the best performance out of SciChart.

However, this sounds like a production issue hence high impact. I’m assuming you’re a supported customer of SciChart.js? If so, absolutely the best thing you can do is:

  1. To create a minimal npm project that accurately reproduces the issue.
  2. To open a support ticket at (quote your order ID or license information to let the team know you’re supported)
  3. Make sure you specify in the support ticket the target hardware and browser version you want us to test on. We don’t have access to every piece of hardware but we have quite a range (iPads, phones, Macs and windows desktops)

Our team will then be able to identify ways to improve performance or show you how best to use the library.

Best regards

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Update: I do have one piece of hardware available right here and that’s an iPad Pro 4th generation.

This is a roughly 4-yr old iPad running iOS 16.6 and the demo is in Safari browser. The vital signs ECG/EKG demo looks smooth here without stutter or slow-down.

Other performance demos run well on this device

Can you provide your code to tech support to reproduce the issue & confirm the exact devices, iOS versions and browser you are seeing problems on?

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Thank you very much for your reply.
The repo is very easy, because we just take your demo as reference. This demo app is not working well on multiple devices. It fails with an iPad 10th generation at home, an iPad mini 6th generation at work and nearly all desktop PCs (Windows VM machines with Chrome browser) at hospital.
It is working on my macBook Air M1 (2020) at home without any issue (same network, as iPad 10th generation).
So I can reproduce this issue with your demo app on multiple devices in multiple network infrastructure (home and work).
Please let me know how I can support you to debug the issue. What kind of information do you need?

I didn’t capture a video screen as it doesn’t give you any information except the chart is running in slow motion.

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@Andrew Burnett-Thompson How can I help you to get the information you need to identify the problem? As I explained in my last post, the problem occurs on your demo app with multiple devices in different networks.

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