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Good morning,

i need to draw a bitmap (specifically a RenderTargetBitmap object) to a surface during a Draw method of a CustomRenderableSeries, so using the IRenderContext2D argument.

I see there is a DrawTexture method but can’t find any example on this.
Can you provide a snippet to show the correct use of this method?

Thank you.

WPF project
.Net framework 4.6.1

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I have issue with export SciChart to Bitamp. I have to generate pdf report from data. Report contains two charts.

It is possible to render chart in memory and export to bitmap? I know it is possible in WPF but I couldn’t achive this in Android.

Now my solution is that I render this charts on fragments and wait 1s on each to render and then save chart. But this solution is not good. For slower devices chart is not exported correctly.

For example on one device have strange grid (only exported bitmap, fragment with this chart looks good):


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