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I am working on Scichart android appliication.By default it is appending infinite Yvalues which are randomly generated one by one. I want to append finite data in AnimatingLineChartFragment() but it will not accept it, like when I append arrayList of yValue it will generate an error and ask to add Collections.singleton(t) on 1st argument .Afterwards when I run the programme it works fine but when Fifo Capacity ends it starts to draw last line again and again. Plz help me that how can Animate Lines on my data?

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I’m working on an analysis software that uses Scichart API for generating graphics in WPF.

I recently used Scichart IOS / Android apps and I really liked the graphics animations.

However, I did not find the way to do the same thing in WPF.

Is it possible to animate the loading of graphics or any other animation?

Thank you.

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How would one implement X- or Y-Value animations for a simple line chart?
I don’t need real time value animations like in the demo but I have all the data at once and want to animate the X-values when drawing the chart. In MPAndroidChart this is done with a single line specifying the duration and the interpolator:

mChart.animateY(3000, Easing.EasingOption.EaseOutBack);

So long!

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