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How can we append finite data in AnimatingLineChartFragment(Android)?

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I am working on Scichart android appliication.By default it is appending infinite Yvalues which are randomly generated one by one. I want to append finite data in AnimatingLineChartFragment() but it will not accept it, like when I append arrayList of yValue it will generate an error and ask to add Collections.singleton(t) on 1st argument .Afterwards when I run the programme it works fine but when Fifo Capacity ends it starts to draw last line again and again. Plz help me that how can Animate Lines on my data?

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Hi Hamza Kiani,

Well this example was created as a showcase to demonstrate how to create custom renderable series, so it is possible that it won’t cover all possible cases.

May I ask what kid of effect you’re trying to achieve. Maybe you can use our Animation API which we use in other examples which allow to animate series:

sciChartBuilder.newAnimator(rSeries).withSweepTransformation().withInterpolator(new DecelerateInterpolator()).withDuration(3000).withStartDelay(350).start();

Is this suitable for your needs?

Best regards,

  • Yura Khariton
    Can you provide a code which reproduces this issue?
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