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We want to implement a chart like Step line i.e. for each trade we have a line from trade’s entry to exit time. Similar to Gantt chart type.

can you provide some way to implement this type of chart using Scichart?


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I am adding a line annotation using annotation modifier, and it works perfectly fine.

But the problem is, I want to restrict the creation when the start and end points of annotation are not part of a line. I don’t care if they are not part of dataseries points, user can select any point on the line.

I am unable to find a way to verify this. Can you look into this.

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In a previous project (matlab based) we have created charts as in the attached image.

This was previously done by adding all the points to a 2d histogram, this is a bit cumbersome as to give nice output the data needs to be resampled so that data points are equidistant at the display scale otherwise fast rises or falls (i.e. a small number of equi-time points). This approach becomes even worse if you want to enable interactive inspection of the plot instead of static as this will need to be recalculated for each zoom level.

Is there an easy way a similar effect in scichart without having to resort to manually creating 2d histograms. I was thinking there may be some option I can play with on how line series are rendered that might be able to generate this effect.

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