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I wonder, if it’s possible to force the SciChartSurface control to resize itself depending on a size of the actual data area, given that axis are in the auto-range mode. For example, when the Y range is large than X range, the entire control resizes into the portrait orientation, thus keeping square pixels in the data area.

Thank you in advance!

  • corvex asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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After I’ve added some TextAnnotations on the graph, I’ve noticed that the TextAnnotations and CustomaAnnotations doesn’t resize with the view. They all stay constant in size. I’ve found a previous question about this in here:

But I’m not getting the results I hoped for with this. The test is still not resizing with the surface. Since it’s been a while that a question was asked about this, maybe there are new methods to do this in Scichart?


  • kewur asked 6 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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