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Resizing composite Annotation

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I Need some help within the composite annotation resizing.

I created a composite annotation based on the composite annotations example. I need to calculate the range between to vertical line on the surface, so I took the MeasurmentXAnnotation.xaml as base code of mine.

however i need to be able to resize the composite annotation not only from the 4 edges (ResizingGrips), but also when the user drag the line annotations to left or to right.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Best regard

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Hi Mohamed,

I don’t think there is, not without customisation of the source-code. The Annotations including CompositeAnnotations place an overlay over the top using the WPF Adorner layer. This is setup to add grips to the four corners.

enter image description here

I can ask the WPF team if perhaps they know a way to customize it, but I dont think so out of the box.

Best regards,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Update: you can restrict resizing to only X-direction by setting Annotation.ResizeDirections property. You can limit dragging as well by setting Annotation.DragDirections
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