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When I try to bind VisibleRange as a simple binding on the XAxis it works perfectly.

                    <scichart:NumericAxis AxisTitle="Tempo (s)" 
                                          VisibleRange="{Binding XVisibleRange, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

But, in my case I have only one chart beeing displayed but two “RenderableSeries” in which only one of them is displayed, accordingly to the user selection. I use triggers for this and it works like a charm.


                    <Style TargetType="{x:Type scichart:SciChartSurface}">
                            <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding ElementName=DAQ1_Selected, Path=IsChecked}" Value="true">
                                <Setter Property="RenderableSeries" Value="{scichart:SeriesBinding RenderableSeriesViewModels[0]}"/>
                            <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding ElementName=DAQ1_Selected, Path=IsChecked}" Value="false">
                                <Setter Property="RenderableSeries" Value="{scichart:SeriesBinding RenderableSeriesViewModels[1]}"/>


Now I’m trying to set the “VisibleRange” of each “RenderableSeries” with triggers but I cannot achieve that because there is no option to binding on the setter.

                            <scichart:NumericAxis AxisTitle="Tempo (s)" 

                                <Style TargetType="{x:Type scichart:NumericAxis}">
                                        <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding ElementName=DAQ1_Selected, Path=IsChecked}" Value="true">
                                            <Setter Property="VisibleRange" Value="{scichart:AxesBinding XVisibleRange[0], Mode=TwoWay}" />
                                        <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding ElementName=DAQ1_Selected, Path=IsChecked}" Value="false">
                                            <Setter Property="VisibleRange" Value="{scichart:AxesBinding XVisibleRange[1], Mode=TwoWay}" />


On the “value” of Setter I have only the following options:

  • AnnotationsBinding AxisBindingBinding MultiBindingCompatible
    SeriesBinding ThemeBinding VerticalLinesBinding

My question is:
Is there a way to binding “VisibleRange” on “Style.Triggers”?

Thank you,
Eduardo Arruda

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I have the following code and want to move this portion to code-behind but have problems understanding how I can programmatically set the properties in Style:


                <!-- Provides Interactivity -->
                <s:RubberBandXyZoomModifier IsAnimated = "False" IsXAxisOnly = "True" ExecuteOn = "MouseRightButton"/>
                <s:ZoomPanModifier XyDirection="XYDirection" ClipModeX = "ClipAtExtents" ExecuteOn ="MouseLeftButton" />
                <s:MouseWheelZoomModifier XyDirection = "XYDirection"/>
                <s:ZoomExtentsModifier IsAnimated = "False" ExecuteOn = "MouseDoubleClick" />
                <s:XAxisDragModifier  DragMode = "Scale"/>
                <s:CursorModifier SourceMode="AllSeries"  UseInterpolation="True"/>

                <!-- Provides selection of series and custom styling to the selected series -->
                <s:SeriesSelectionModifier ReceiveHandledEvents="True" SelectionChanged="SeriesSelectionModifier_OnSelectionChanged">
                        <Style TargetType="s:BaseRenderableSeries">
                            <Setter Property="SeriesColor" Value="White"/>
                            <Setter Property="PointMarkerTemplate">
                                        <s:EllipsePointMarker Fill="#FF00DC" Stroke="White" Width="7" Height="7"/>

                <!-- Provides a data source for the legend control -->
                <s:LegendModifier ShowLegend="True" GetLegendDataFor="SelectedSeries" Margin="10"/>


Particularly the SeriesSelectionModifier and its property setters seem difficult for me to implement in code-behind. Can you please provide some sample code how I would actually implement the SeriesSelectionModifier with above Property Setters above in C# code rather than in XAML?


  • bbmat asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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