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Unsorted xValues is possible on SCI Chart? I tried with dataIsSortedInX: false and isSorted: false on dataSeries, But its not showing the correct range.


 new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, {
        dataSeriesName: "Line Series",
        xValues: [0,10,20,13,54,15,26,17,18,19],
        yValues: [0,1,5,1,20,5,1,8,9,3],
    dataIsSortedInX: false
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We have lots of use cases where livedata is appended to exisiting series. The data has gone through algorithms, is not time-based and so is unsorted. Better said, it’s scientific data, for e.g. Bode-, Nyquist diagrams
Can we make the SeriesValueModifier style so it places the latest value also at the x-position ? Currently we have CustomAnnotations for this, which seems a clumsy work-around.

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The complete message is: Unsorted data occurs in the collection. The only allowed SearchMode is Exact when FindIndex() is called on an unsorted collection, but Nearest was passed in.

I started with three renderable series that all had a certain time scale (x axis). I want to add another renderable series but it uses a separate time scale (x axis). I received this error so I put the two lists (x axis and y axis data) into a dictionary and used orderby on the dictionary key (time scale x axis list). I then cleared and appended this data to my DataSeries property. The code is still throwing this exception. What does unsorted mean?


Edit: The data is ordered by the key (timespan) in ascending order before I use orderby.

  • Ryan Woods asked 7 years ago
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