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1 vote

I am considering applying server-side licensing for my javerScript application.

In the document below, there is a phrase “Our server-side licensing component is written in C++.”

However, there is only sample code on the provided github.

I wonder if there is a sample code implemented in C++ for server-side licensing.

Can you provide c++ sample code?
Also, are there any examples to run on Ubuntu?

1 vote

Good day,

we are using the VerticalSliceModifier for sorted data and it works very good.

<local:VerticalSliceModifierExt x:Name="SliceModifier">
    <chartModifier:SnappyVerticalLine x:Name="VerticalLine"

Please see the image “Example Vertical Slice Modifier”.

The challange is to have something similar for unsorted data.

One of the issues are multiple intersections. Please see the image “Multiple Intersections” where i would like be able to select what intersections shall be highlighted.

The next challange is the usage of multiple series and synchronization based on a different property (t for time). Please see “Multiple Series” image.

We already have IPointMetadata with X,Y and t to be able to find the data point to highlight.

My question: Is there already some modifier chat can help with this requirements or what would be a clean solution if we need to develop a custom modifier.

Thank you in advance

0 votes

Unsorted xValues is possible on SCI Chart? I tried with dataIsSortedInX: false and isSorted: false on dataSeries, But its not showing the correct range.


 new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, {
        dataSeriesName: "Line Series",
        xValues: [0,10,20,13,54,15,26,17,18,19],
        yValues: [0,1,5,1,20,5,1,8,9,3],
    dataIsSortedInX: false
1 vote

We have lots of use cases where livedata is appended to exisiting series. The data has gone through algorithms, is not time-based and so is unsorted. Better said, it’s scientific data, for e.g. Bode-, Nyquist diagrams
Can we make the SeriesValueModifier style so it places the latest value also at the x-position ? Currently we have CustomAnnotations for this, which seems a clumsy work-around.

0 votes

The complete message is: Unsorted data occurs in the collection. The only allowed SearchMode is Exact when FindIndex() is called on an unsorted collection, but Nearest was passed in.

I started with three renderable series that all had a certain time scale (x axis). I want to add another renderable series but it uses a separate time scale (x axis). I received this error so I put the two lists (x axis and y axis data) into a dictionary and used orderby on the dictionary key (time scale x axis list). I then cleared and appended this data to my DataSeries property. The code is still throwing this exception. What does unsorted mean?


Edit: The data is ordered by the key (timespan) in ascending order before I use orderby.

  • Ryan Woods asked 8 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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