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1 vote

Good day,

we are using the VerticalSliceModifier for sorted data and it works very good.

<local:VerticalSliceModifierExt x:Name="SliceModifier">
    <chartModifier:SnappyVerticalLine x:Name="VerticalLine"

Please see the image “Example Vertical Slice Modifier”.

The challange is to have something similar for unsorted data.

One of the issues are multiple intersections. Please see the image “Multiple Intersections” where i would like be able to select what intersections shall be highlighted.

The next challange is the usage of multiple series and synchronization based on a different property (t for time). Please see “Multiple Series” image.

We already have IPointMetadata with X,Y and t to be able to find the data point to highlight.

My question: Is there already some modifier chat can help with this requirements or what would be a clean solution if we need to develop a custom modifier.

Thank you in advance

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I have the following code for a vertical slice modifier

    <s:VerticalSliceModifier Name="sliceModifier"
                            <s:VerticalLineAnnotation Style="{StaticResource sliceStyle}"
                                                      X1="{Binding ParentViewModel.SliceModifierPosition, Mode=TwoWay}" />


This results in a nullreference exception. When I remove the VerticalLines, there is no nullreference exception, also no vertical lines.
As far as I can see ParentViewModel.SliceModifierPosition, does not have a value at the time.

I tried setting the visibility of the slicemodifier to collapsed, but it did not help the exception. Is there any to remove the slicemodifier for the time when X1 is not valid (using MVVM and not binding the slicemodifier itself)?

nullreference exception location
: Abt.Controls.SciChart.ChartModifiers.VerticalSliceModifier.OnAttached()
: Abt.Controls.SciChart.ChartModifiers.ModifierGroup.TB(IChartModifier C)
: Abt.Controls.SciChart.Common.Extensions.EnumerableExtensions. <a href="IEnumerable1 , Action1″>
: Abt.Controls.SciChart.ChartModifiers.ModifierGroup.TB(IEnumerable`1 C)
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