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I have a chart with multiple series, left and right y-axes and one x-axis, some series are assign to left y-axis and some are right y-axis and they all have the same x-axis.

But there is one specific serie that need to be control on its own. I consider adding another y-axis either on the left or right axis, but the issue with that is that both the left and right axes are vertically stacked with some other y-axes. So, if I add another y-axis, it will just be stacked, but I need this y-axis to be on its own and not stacked.

The image below show my current chart, and the white line serie is the one that need a y-axis of its own. Currently it is attach to the right y-axis.

  • Nung Khual asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
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Currently we have two graph surfaces with two Y axes on each side and we need all of the Y axes to have fixed width size. Until now we were achieving that like this:
topGraphSurface.LeftAxisAreaForcedSize = 45;
topGraphSurface.RightAxisAreaForcedSize = 45;
bottomGraphSurface.LeftAxisAreaForcedSize = 45;
bottomGraphSurface.RightAxisAreaForcedSize = 45;

but since updating to the new SciChart v3 we get the error “SciChartSurface does not contain a definition for (Left)AxisAreaForcedSize”. I couldn’t find any information about this in the Migration guide, so is there a way to achieve this in the new version?

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Does SciChart provide a built-in way to display multiple data series on the same 3D chart where the series do not share a common unit or order of magnitude? On a 2D chart I would use a second y-axis via the YAxes collection but I can’t find an equivalent property on the SciChart3DSurface class.

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We have 2 graph surfaces with 2 Y axes on each side, but the label formatting of the axes is different. That makes the axes widths different and therefore both the graphs appear as they have different widths. Is there a way to make the axis widths fixed so the graphs can be the same size?

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Just curious. Is there a maximum amount of Y-Axes that can be shown on a graph?

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