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Is there any way to change the view of a 3d chart so the Y and Z axis are switched?

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Hi Dan

Do you mean a Right Handed coordinate system as opposed to a Left Handed coordinate system?

enter image description here

If so, not yet, however we do have this on our roadmap as a feature to develop (by applying a final matrix to the camera when rendering).

If not, please clarify what you mean. You can move the camera programmatically or via the mouse, switch between Perspective and Orthogonal viewports etc… All demonstrated in the example Modify Camera3D Properties.

Best regards,

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I would like to have the Z axis in the vertical position.

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Hi Andrew,

as the question ist still not answered and as we were not able to find a straight forward workaround as well: Could you help us out on this? We have some kind of mechanical system consisting of x, y & z-Axes. x and y movements are horizontally, while z movements are vertical. Just how cartesian coordinate systems are described in Wikipedia. We tried to change the 3D camera properties so that the 3D Gizmo matches our setup. But there seems to be some limit on pitch that does limit pitch angle changes from -90 to 90 degrees. Yaw angle changes are at least possible from -3600 to 3600 degrees. Probably way more. So we can freely “rotate” around the Y axis but are limited regarding rotations around Z or X axes as they depend on yaw angle changes.

Currently we’re thinking about 3 solutions:
1) We just switch y and z values. This would be an easy approach. But as all company internal naming refers to xy as horizontal plane and xz/yz as vertical plane it would be necessary to adjust the 3D Gizmo as well. This seems to be possible via inheritance of ChartModifierBase3D. Do you think this would be a good idea?
2) Change the “Up” Vector of the ICameraController via Reflection. We’re not sure if this would just break other things of the SciChart internas. So we’re afraid of investing in it.
3) Some SciChart intended way of solving the problem we didn’t think about yet.

Thanks for any ideas! Best regards, Johannes

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Johannes, the only solution would be a change to the source code. I’m unsure if it would be possible in scichart but I would suggest this. 1.) log a feature request at our feature request system with exact specifications and diagrams (see 2.) get your team to vote on it. Our team can estimate feasibility and if it’s simple enough we can just do it.
  • Johannes Müller
    Hi Andrew, feature request was created with focus on hopefully cheap XyzGizmo class adjustments.
  • bo wu
    Hi Johannes, I tried to call the SetRotation and SetPosition methods of XyzGizmo, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I couldn’t make the z axis face up.
  • Shannon John
    3 years later, still unsolved
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