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Axis Title above Axis Ticks

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Good day everybody!
I have got a problem. I need to place axis title above axis ticks. But I can’t find any method to do it. Could you help me?
Thank in advance.

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Hi Egor,

If really want to place a title over labels, you could try setting a negative margin for it inside a title template. Please, take a look at this article for more info how to template axes titles. Also it is demonstrated in the XAML Styling example . Hope this helps!

Please, find a code sample below:

           <Style x:Key="AxisTitleStyle" TargetType="s:AxisTitle">
            <Setter Property="Margin" Value="-100,0,0,0" />
            <s:NumericAxis AxisTitle="Axis Title" TitleStyle="{StaticResource AxisTitleStyle}"/>
  • Egor
    Thank you for the reply! Could you show an example of negative margin, please? Thank in advance!
    • Guest
    • 10 years ago
    Sure, just updated the answer.
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