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Binding to WorldDimensions

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I want to change the WorldDimensions of a SciChart3DSurface through bindings when the data in the graph changes.
Currently i try to bind to a Vector3 object that has been initialized but i get a the following exception upon startup

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

SciChart.Charting3D :
at SciChart.Charting3D.SciChart3DSurface.AttachCamera(ICameraController camera)
at SciChart.Charting3D.SciChart3DSurface.AttachChildren()
at SciChart.Charting3D.SciChart3DSurface.OnSciChartSurfaceLoaded()

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Hi Edvard,

Thanks for your inquiry.
Could you please provide us with a small sample project reproducing this issue for investigation?

Thanks in advance,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Im not sure code to reproduce is needed in this case, should be simple. Our team could try it @Oleksandr?
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