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Chinese text could not be set for the AxisTitle of the 3D chart

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Hi, SciChart:

I have an issue with the AxisTitle of 3D chart, Chinese text could not show correctly.
I can find similar issue as this, but with no solution.
It would be very kind to let me know if you have any solution.
Thank you!

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Hi Hugo

Thank you for enquiring about using Chinese text in SciChart WPF 3D.

At the moment, SciChart WPF 2D supports Chinese/Japanese characters, but 3D does not. This is because the text system in SciChart 3D does not have support for text shaping of non-latin LTR languages.

We are aware of this and have been developing a totally custom / new text rendering engine for use across SciChart platforms (WPF, iOS/Android, JavaScript). This will be a while before it is released however, so for the moment I would suggest as a workaround you could place WPF TextBlock onto the chart surface or use legends to display some extra info about the 3D Chart being displayed.

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew

Thank you for your answer, but the workaround you mentioned is not suitable for our program.
We decide to just use English instead, thank you again!

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