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Cross Platform Interfaces for the Charts

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I am currently working on a proof of concept to move make our software cross platform. Currently, we use the WPF charting package but we have the full bundle so we have access to all the charts. I’m working on a Maui Blazor app where the UI and its logic are stored in a razor class lib and most of the services are stored in the shared WebAssembly project. Ideally, I would like to create the chart data inside a service and then create the appropriate views for each platform using the platform specific charts. Eventually my plan is to have a Blazor WASM project that we host online (where users can view their data), a Maui app that will run on Windows and Mac, and a WPF app that will host the project on computers that aren’t running Windows 10 and 11.

Are there any plans to implement a shared library of some type for the IRenderableSeriesViewModel, IDataSeries, IPaletteProvider, etc. where we could reference these interfaces regardless of platform?

Thank you,

Tim Stephansen

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Hi Tim,

I’ll be honest and say it’s not on our roadmap right now to go fully into Maui with view models etc…

In the ten years SciChart has been in existence, Microsoft has brought out WinRT, UWP, Xamarin Native, Xamarin Forms, WinUI 3 and now Maui. So far none of those platforms have ‘stuck’ like WPF did.

That being said – I can see MAUI can load a web view component, and like Blazor it could be trivial wrap SciChart.js into Maui libraries on all platforms. You’d be subject to the browser limits though, browser memory is limited to 1.5 GBytes which means around 100 million datapoints is a hard limit of the platform. 10M or lower is better.

What do you think about that?

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,

I understand where you’re coming from (long live WPF!). I hope this is one of those technologies that “sticks.” One of our requirements is being able to call native methods (we use some C libraries for signal analysis and need to be able to communicate with hardware through USB). Maui Blazor has been the only viable option so far. I was planning on using the macOS charts for our training screen on mac and the WPF charts for the training screen on Windows.

Using the JS charts would be awesome because it would let us keep the same code on each platform. I didn’t realize we could embed the JS charts. When I last reviewed the license terms I was under the impression the charts needed to be registered under a domain. This app wouldn’t be running on a website where there would be a domain so I didn’t realize that was an option.

I’ll dig into that a little more and see if it’s a better option. I’ll probably end up asking a licensing question at some point soon once I have all this a little more nailed down.

I appreciate your help!


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