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Exception when loading too many data

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i’m trying to build a chart using a Stripe Data series, on the X axis i have a DatetimeAxis while on Y axis i have a Numeric.

I have an observable collection of IRenderableSeriesViewModel, and when i try to add a StripeRenderableSeriesViewModel if the dataseries contains many elements (>2000) it logs this exception below:

Exception thrown: ‘System.InvalidCastException’ in System.Private.CoreLib.dll
SciChartSurface didn’t render, because an exception was thrown:
Message: Invalid cast from ‘Double’ to ‘DateTime’.
Stack Trace: at System.Double.System.IConvertible.ToDateTime(IFormatProvider provider)
at System.Convert.ChangeType(Object value, Type conversionType, IFormatProvider provider)
at SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.StripeDataSeries2.rwx(ResamplingParams gib, StripePointSeries gic)
at SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.StripeDataSeries
2.ToPointSeries(ResamplingParams resamplingParams, ResamplingMode resamplingMode, IPointResamplerFactory factory, IPointSeries lastPointSeries)
at dih.lay(AxisCollection gg, IRenderableSeries gh, RenderPassInfo gi, IPointResamplerFactory gj, Boolean gk, IDataSeries& gl, IndexRange& gm, IPointSeries& gn, Int32& go)
at dih.lax(ISciChartSurface gd, Size ge, Boolean gf)
at dih.RenderLoop(IRenderContext2D renderContext)
at SciChart.Charting.Visuals.SciChartSurface.DoDrawingLoop()
Exception thrown: ‘System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException’ in SciChart.Drawing.dll
SciChartSurface didn’t render, because an exception was thrown:
Message: Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code.
Stack Trace: at System.Threading.Monitor.Exit(Object obj)
at irv.hds(jbq r, SCRTRenderContext s)
at jbv.Dispose()
at SciChart.Charting.Visuals.SciChartSurface.DoDrawingLoop()

Binding and data i’m pretty sure are ok since with fewer data it works fine

EDIT: i was able to reproduce the issue in the wpf sample project (repo), just replace GanttChartViewModel.cs with the sample one i have attached here and it can be reproduced by navigating to the Gantt chart example

  • Lex
    • Lex
    • 8 months ago
    Hi Marco, We also received your inquiry as a priority support request. Let’s continue the discussion in the support ticket. Thank you, Lex, SciChart Technical Support Engineer
  • Lex
    • Lex
    • 8 months ago
    The issue has been reproduced and logged for further investigation.
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Hi Marko,

I am glad to inform you that we have published a new SciChart version containing the fix for the issue you’ve reported.
The changes are available in SciChart v8.1.0.27888 and newer. Here you can find more information regarding the latest changes and how to get the latest SciChart build:

Please try it out and let us know your feedback.

With best regards,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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