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Features missing in IAxisViewModel (compared to IAxis)

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Our view models currently hold AxisCollection and work with IAxis. We’re hoping to switch to working with IAxisViewModel at this level.
But some feature differences will make this harder:

  • IAxis.TickLabelStyle – view model only supports TickTextBrush, not the other font related properties we customise in this style.
  • SImilarly MajorGridLineStyle and MinorGridLineStyle
  • Is IAxisViewModel.StyleKey the equivalent of IAxis.TitleStyle? (we just need to move our style definitions to XAML instead of creating Style objects in code)
  • Is IAxisViewModel.VisibleRange equivalent to IAxis.DataRange?

Can there be equivalent IAxisViewModel.TickLabelStyleKey, similarly Minor/Major grid line StyleKey?

Our view models hang around to hold logical state of charts. But they also hold some AxisCollection, bound to from SciChartSurface.

We get exceptions like: InvalidOperationException Element already has a logical parent, under SciChart methods in the call stack.
E.g. when reconnecting to a PC over remote desktop, where a chart was already loaded.

This change was also suggested as a solution to our other recent issue, here:

The “Element already has a logical parent” exception doesn’t happen when clicking between multiple charts like that latter issue. I’ve prototyped a changeover (commenting out all the bits not directly equivalent) and it seems to resolve this exception.

SciChart v5.5
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Hi Michael

Any property can be set on the Axis / Series / Annotation with our MVVM API using styles. The process to do this is as follows.

Worked Example – Style a Series in MVVM

Above: The example for a series can be adapted to an axis as follows

  <Style TargetType="s:NumericAxis" x:Key="AxisStyle">
     <!-- Put setters for axis here -->

  <s:SciChartSurface YAxes="{s:AxisBinding YAxes}">

In your viewmodel, you tell the axis to use style key ‘AxisStyle’ as follows.

   public ObservableCollection<IAxisViewModel> YAxes
         get { return _yAxes; }

   YAxes.Add(new NumericAxisViewModel() { StyleKey = "AxisStyle" });

Best regards,

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