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Heatmap Resampling

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Hi SciChart-Team!

This is more a feature than a support request but I could not find a more suitable place for it.

One of the strengths of SciCharts is its ability to select – use case dependend – the most appropriate resampling technique for drawing from a wide variety of options. Currently I depict a 2-dimensional empirical probablity density function (PDF) with the heatmap. The best way for a sub-/resampling would be a kind of “Sum”-Mode to represent the new “Cell-Count” and to prevent the disappearance of strongly localized, concentrated PDF-spikes if the window is scaled down. Maybe it is possible to implement such a resampling mode for the heatmap in a future release?

Due to the lack of a “Sum”-Mode I tried to use “Max”-Mode to keep the PDF-Spikes visible after scaling down but that didn’t worked as I expected. Was my expectation wrong? I know I can do it by myself and recalculate the PDF for the new heatmap size, create a new Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries … etc. but it would be nice if it would work out of the box.



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