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How can I implment a custom IRenderableSeriesViewModel ?

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Hello Scichart Team,

Can you guys provide me with some guidance to implement a custom IRenderableSeriesViewModel implementation that is supported in MVVM binding in Scichartsurface? Specifically, I’m looking to create a chart series that can be bound to my ViewModel and support custom styling and data handling.

I have tried following the tutorial found here…

Worked Example – CustomRenderableSeries in MVVM

I was getting a cast error from scicharts. I have attached the picture showing the detailed error.
Concerning the XAML code I have tried both the normal Binding keyword and s:SeriesBinding keyword to the RenderableSeries in the SciChartSurface.

Let me know how to go about this!

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Hello Dr. Andrew,

The second Github example worked for me.
( … Sandbox/CustomerExamples/CustomSeriesMvvm)


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Hi Arjun

As well as the documentation on Custom RenderableSeriesViewModels we have this code example here on github: … Sandbox/CustomerExamples/CustomSeriesMvvm

I just downloaded & ran this, seems to work with SciChart WPF 7.0.1. Can you confirm?

Best regards

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