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Needing to Toggle dynamically between a set of renderable XyDataSeries series - between Overlaid plots and Stacked (YAxes) plots


I’d like to dynamically (based on a right mouse context menu “[x] Show plots Stacked” menu item, show the multiple XyDataSeries plots as Overlaid (normal display) or Stacked Y Axes — then toggle back and forth

I have it partially working –
Initially, the plots are displayed as Overlaid.
I can click the menu item and they are toggled to a display of Stacked plots.
However, when I click the menu item again to toggle back to Overlaid – the plots are not rendered back in overlaid mode, I get a blank screen with no Y axis and the X axis has no labels … ?

Attaching my example code snippets – see .txt file attached

Attaching example display of Overlaid plots initially drawn
Attaching example display of the Stacked plots drawn after first toggle

Contact me me back as it seems this site is having an issue attaching the selected files…

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Levi, I’ve removed your email from the question so you don’t become the target of spam bots in future ^_^ Can you upload small code sample to reproduce to Github and share the repo with us? @SciChartTeam is our Github username
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