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Point marker rotation

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Is it possible use SciChart to rotate the point markers on chart by a z value? I’d like to produce a chart similar to the attached wind chart sample from the weather underground website.

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Hi there,

As PointMarkers are not UIElements (they are drawn to the chart using bitmap drawing technology), there is no way to apply a RenderTransform to them to rotate them.

However, you can achieve this in one of two ways:

  1. You could use our Annotations feature instead to display a marker, and apply RenderTransform, or LayoutTransform to the annotation. You should note that annotations will not have the same performance as our PointMarkers API.

  2. You could override BasePointMarker.Draw() and draw whatever you like there. The RenderContext passed in has some methods to draw outline shapes. You would unfortunately have to handle the maths to rotate the points on the shape, but theoretically it is possible.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas how to achieve this, and if you do, do please share a code sample as it may benefit other users!

Best regards,

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