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I’m having trouble making the RolloverModifier TooltipLabels stay inside the graphs canvas.


As you can see on the left most graph the colored sqaures and some of the digits has fallen outside the graphs canvas.
Also what are the TooltipLabels rules for clustering together, and rules for which side of the RolloverMarker the labels should appear on?

Still having a problem here… After setting the ClipModifierSurface on the SciChartSurface to False the time axis no longer clips the TooltipLabels.
But the graph itself clips the TooltipLabels when the label gets to large.

How do I make the labels stay inside the graph? As there is a lot of free space to the right of the labels.

enter image description here

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The rules are simple:

  • labels get stacked only if they would overlap when shown separately
  • labels appear to the right-bottom by default, and the merged label always is centered. When some label approximates chart boundary, its position gets changed to the opposite
  • when there isn’t enough space, labels go outside the viewport and get clipped. To prevent clipping, setting ClipToBounds to “False” on the ModifierSurface should help

Hope this helps!

  • Sander Struijk
    Set the ClipModifierSurface on the SciChartSurface to False
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