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SciChartOverview with FastLineRenderableSeries with IsDigitalLine enabled

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I’m having two synced charts, one SciChartSurface and a SciChartOverview.

The SciChartSurface is bound via the SeriesSource to two ChartSeriesViewModels each consisting of a XyDataSeries<DateTime,double> and a FastLineRenderableSeries.
The important thing here is that the FastLineRenderableSeries has the IsDigitalLine property enable – to well – get a nice digital / stepped line instead of straight connections.

The SciChartOverview is bound to the SciChartSurface via the ParentSurface property. All works fine, except that the data series on the SciChartOverview is drawn with straight connecting lines instead of the digital / stepped line. Unfortunately I found no way to explicitly specify an IRenderableSeries or to reuse the ChartSeriesViewModel on the SciChartOverview.

I also tried to use the DataSeries property directly, but of course, this just defines the IDataSeries and not the IRenderableSeries on which I could set the IsDigitalLine property.

Is there any way to get the SciChartOverview to draw a digital line or at least just use the ChartSeriesViewModel bound to the associated ParentSurface?


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Hi Manuel,

The short answer:

As far as I was aware, the SciChartOverview should take the First series on your SciChartSurface – including all its set properties. Is this not occurring? If so, we have a bug …

The longer answer:

We have had many discussions in the team on how to improve the SciChartOverview, as it’s a really popular feature and people want to customise it. Customizing it isn’t easy, because we have to cope with a number of different (and often conflicting) requirements. However … We have this solution – in progress:

Our Proposed Solution

Will be available in SciChart v3.2 some time end of August

The solution we have come up with is to separate out SciChartOverview into a SciScrollBar control, which provides a generic dual-gripped scrollbar, that shows no charts, and binds to an Axis only. It is usable on XAxis or YAxis. The SciScrollBar works like an overview, in that you can drag the centre range, or drag the grips to range the parent axis.

Customizing this to show ‘any chart’ or in fact ‘any image’ or ‘anything’ behind it is really easy. Like this in fact:

   <s:SciChartScrollbar Height="60" Axis="{Binding ElementName=xAxisHorizontal}" />

What will happen to SciChartOverview?

We’re planning to leave SciChartOverview API untouched. In fact, it will use the new SciChartScrollbar control at its core, but have a Chart behind it. You as the user will be free to use our fixed solution, or create your own.

  • Manuel R.
    Hi Andrew, thank's for your quick response! We're looking forward to try the new proposed way when SciChart 3.2 is release. @short answer: I will try to upgrade and test with the very latest current version of SciChart to confirm if this issue still exists there (Bug) or if it might be resolved with the latest bits.
  • Manuel R.
    Unfortunately I have to confirm that this bug is present also in the latest SciChart NuGet package The SciChartOverview honors the IDataSeries but not the IRenderableSeries of the first data series of it's parent surface to draw the data. So we're looking forward to the release of SciChart 3.2 to try out the new SciScrollBar with a custom chart. Until then we will have to insert artificial data points. So with every {x[n], y[n]} we will also add a {x[n], y[n-1]} to the XyDataSeries<DateTime,double> to simulate the digital line.
  • Manuel R.
    Hello Andrew, I was wondering if there is already a new estimated release date for SciChart v3.2. Or did you mean "some time end of August" 2015? ;-) I saw that 3.1.0 build 5013 was released recently ( but I guess it does not come yet with either a) the SciScrollBar control or b) a fix for the IsDigitalLine support within the SciChartOverview control, right? Best regards, Manuel
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Manuel, if you know us by now, you'll know we don't do release dates ;-) This is because software is done when its done! That being said - we are under pressure to finish and get it out there, so its in our interests to be as quick as possible. I have just completed the licensing code and deployment and the team are wrapping up the Dashboard / Excel style charts and Polar Charts features. I expect we will have at least a pre-release out very soon. My apologies for the delay! Best regards, Andrew
  • Manuel R.
    Hi Andrew, thanks, that's great news! And I totally agree, I also prefer working software with the quality we are used to see from ABT. It's done when it's done, that's especially true for new features. :-D
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