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SciChart WPF v7.0.2 Update

SciChart WPF v7.0.2 Update

We’re delighted to announce SciChart WPF v7.0.2 build 27161 has been released! This is a maintenance update that contains hotfixes and several improvements.

Please find the full list of changes below.

This maintenance update (hotfix) is delivered as a NuGet package only, not as an installer. To get the latest versions please visit

What’s new?

Bug Fixes

  • SC-7308 Fixed binding error when PointMarker3D was set in MVVM scenario
  • SC-7255 Fixed crash on removing custom 3D Objects from the SceneObjects collection
  • SC-7239 Fixed incorrect formatting of some tick labels on LogarithmicNumericAxis when the ScientificNotation property was set to “Normalized”
  • SC-7230 Fixed memory error that caused AccessViolationException when XyzDataSeries3D is enlarged
  • SC-7228 Fixed the issue when VerticalSliceModifier Tooltips disappeared when Annotations Collection was cleared
  • SC-7218 Fixed a binding error in TexAnnotationViewModel
  • SC-7209 Fixed AccessViolationException when multiple UI threads used with native resamplers enabled
  • SC-6810 Fixed bug condition when Axis range grew continuously with empty chart
  • SC-7176 Fixed incorrect calculations of MinXSpacing in DataDistributionCalculator for unevenly spaced data. Also fixes regression issue with relative width of Column series
  • SC-6813 Fixed Font Binding issue in SciChartLegend
  • SC-7180 Fixed regression with ranging of BoxPlotSeries with a single bar
  • SC-7163 Fixed ObjectModelSource.StreamSource property
  • SC-7134 Fixed an issue when 3D Object files could not be loaded from a resource file with relative URI
  • SC-6938 Fixed a memory leak that occurred under some conditions in MouseManager
  • SC-7096 Fixed VerticalSliceModifier Tooltips disappearing after changing layout in a DockPanel
  • SC-7095 Fixed memory leak that occurred when SciChartSurface.Dispose() was called directly
  • SC-6785 Fixed memory leak when IDataSeries.Clear(true) is called on a FIFO DataSeries
  • Fixed the issue when GPUCapabilitiesTester properties could not be properly initialized
  • Hotfixes for text rendering in SciChart 3D


Improved lighting for large 3D SurfaceMeshes (512 x 512 or larger)

  • This issue was reported by users of SciChart WPF 3D.
  • When you have large surface meshes (512×512 or larger) with noisy data, bands or artefacts can appear across the mesh.
  • We have added a new property called SurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D.UsePixelShaderNormals which uses an improved pixel-shader rendering algorithm for surface meshes, increasing the quality of 3D surface meshes in some conditions

Changed AxisTitle3D orientation in SciChart 3D

  • This was reported by users of SciChart WPF 3D
  • Changed AxisTitle3D orientation to match SciChart 2D, so it reads from bottom to top now (SC-7066).
  • We are also working internally on improving the placement of 3D Labels and titles (more on this soon).

Preventing GPU Capability Log

An annoyance reported by users of SciChart WPF. On startup, a GPU Capability Log file is written to local disk. This slows down creation of the chart.  GPU Compatibility Log file is now disabled by default (SC-7149). It can be enabled by setting the VisualXcceleratorEngine.WriteWarningsToFile static property to “True” before SciChartSurface constructor is called

Other Misc Improvements

  • Mouse Cursor shape can be changed for TradingAnnotations now,  by overriding the GetSelectedCursor() method (SC-7145)
  • Implemented IDataSeries.Clear(true) for UniformXyDataSeries that allows for optional full releasing of memory when a DataSeries is cleared.
  • Updated several documentation articles following customer feedback (SC-7100, SC-6676, SC-7098, SC-7018, SC-7111, SC-7167, SC-7135, SC-6830)

Example Demo Improvements

  • Added a new example that demonstrates how to dynamically add and remove Objects loaded from .OBJ files onto a 3D Scene. Please find the full source code on SciChart GitHub
  • Added a new example that demonstrates how to create a chart with fixed Aspect Ratio. Please find the full source code on SciChart GitHub
  • Added a new example that demonstrates how to maintain Aspect Ratio of chart grid. Please find the full source code on SciChart GitHub
  • SC-7312 Fixed example issue when chart Legend cut off large numbers
  • SC-7218 Fixed binding errors in the “Axis and Annotations MVVM Binding” example
  • SC-7234 Amended NoLockTimer in “FIFO 1 Billion Points Demo” example, resolving rendering artefacts in the example
  • SC-7150 Improved validation on views related to Example Export. Also improves Example Export to reference latest official NuGet
  • Fixed an issue when exporting “FIFO 1 Billion Points Demo” example
  • Added drawing of backside by default to “Simple Polar 3D Chart” example
  • Improved Navy/Dark theme switching for ExternalDependencies and Examples Demo

Where to get it

SciChart WPF v7.0.2 is available by:

  • Using Install-Package or Update-Package from NuGet
  • By cloning and compiling the examples source code on GitHub
  • By cloning or downloading the SciChart source code on GitHub (source code customers only)

This maintenance update (hotfix) is delivered as a NuGet package only, not as an installer. To get the latest versions please visit

Leaving Feedback

We welcome your feedback! Please let us know what you think about our new features, examples and improvements. You can contact our friendly, helpful team at any time!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | May 22, 2023
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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