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Cross Cursor in a candlestick chart

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Greeting, I want to do a custom cursor, something just like the image, but with candles (a candlestick chart) , and I wanna see all the info (Date, open, close, high, low). Is there any example of it?

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately we don’t have example of custom series tooltip for candlestick series but it shouldn’t be very hard to build it. Just need to extend another classes ( instead of DefaultXySeriesInfoProvider and XySeriesTooltip classes need to extend DefaultOhlcSeriesInfoProvider and OhlcSeriesTooltip because candlestick series accepts OHLC data ). All required data is provided by OhlcSeriesInfo instance ( Date if you’re using date or category date XAxis and OHLC values ). Here is a code:

class CustomOhlcSeriesInfoProvider extends DefaultOhlcSeriesInfoProvider {
    protected ISeriesTooltip getSeriesTooltipInternal(Context context, OhlcSeriesInfo seriesInfo, Class<?> modifierType) {
        if(modifierType == CursorModifier.class) {
            return new CustomOhlcSeriesTooltip(context, seriesInfo); // return custom tooltip for CursorModiifer
        } else {
            return super.getSeriesTooltipInternal(context, seriesInfo, modifierType);

    private static class CustomOhlcSeriesTooltip extends OhlcSeriesTooltip {

        public CustomOhlcSeriesTooltip(Context context, OhlcSeriesInfo seriesInfo) {
            super(context, seriesInfo);

        protected void internalUpdate(OhlcSeriesInfo seriesInfo) {
            // define tooltip text
            final SpannableStringBuilder sb = new SpannableStringBuilder();

            if (seriesInfo.seriesName != null) {
            sb.append("Date: ").append(seriesInfo.getFormattedXValue());
            sb.append("Open: ").append(seriesInfo.getFormattedOpenValue());
            sb.append("High: ").append(seriesInfo.getFormattedHighValue());
            sb.append("Low: ").append(seriesInfo.getFormattedLowValue());
            sb.append("Close: ").append(seriesInfo.getFormattedCloseValue());

            // set text to display by tooltip

            // set tooltip colors

Then like with line series you need to assign custom series info provider when you’re creating candlestick series:

  final FastCandlestickRenderableSeries candlestickSeries = sciChartBuilder.newCandlestickSeries()
            .withSeriesInfoProvider(new CustomOhlcSeriesInfoProvider())
            // other series configuration

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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