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SciChart in Xamarin forms shared code

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Hello Everybody,

I have to continue a Xamarin.Forms application that mainly target android devices. The developer before me wrote everything in shared code and the question is:

Is it possible the use SciChart Xamarin chart in shared code in xaml or I have to code it in Xamarin.Android project?

I am new to Xamarin and just learning the things.
Thanks for the answers and any advice.


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Hi Roland

At the moment we support Xamarin Native, which means you can create an application in Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS. You can also build applications with Xamarin Forms but this requires building a custom renderer to wrap the charts.

We also have full Xamarin Forms support being developed now, and hopefully will have something to release in a couple of months. see our latest news talking about our progress in the roadmap for more information.

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

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