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Axis minimal and maximal zoom constraint

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Am trying to limit the depth in which the user can zoom into and out of the graph. I came across the property minimalZoomConstrain in the header file and also the documentation and had attempted to use it.

The axis in question is a DateTimeAxis and I would want to limit the zoom in depth to 30 seconds and the zoom out the about 3 months. I understand that the type it takes is the GenericType, where I will have to use the SCIGeneric(x) to assign the value, but what value x am I required to use in this case?

I’ve tried the values ’30′(assuming it takes NSTimeInterval) and even attempted to pass in a NSDate value but nothing seems to work.

Thank you.

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I updated to v1.2.0 and added the maximal zoom constraint, and it works now.

For those wondering, I passed in the duration in NSTimeInterval, so if I’m looking for a a minimum zoom depth of 30s, I’d use SCIGeneric(30) and if I’m looking for a maximum zoom depth of 3 months (appx 7776000s), I’d use SCIGeneric(7776000).

Devs, please do correct me if am wrong in that.


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